Go abroad, let our products aluminum plastic panels to the world

In order to further develop the market of aluminum coil and aluminum plastic panel, our company decided to go to Tashkent, Uzbekistan for investigation, which means to respond to the call of economic globalization and promote exchanges between economies.

Tashkent is one of the important commercial hubs on the ancient "Silk Road" and the famous "Silk Road" passes through here. Tashkent government actively introduced a series of policies to attract foreign investment, because now Tashkent is in rapid development, there is a huge demand for building materials, our products aluminum plastic panel and aluminum coil is favored in the local market.

The exhibition lasted for one week with a large number of customers, who visited our booth in an endless stream every day. Among them, the customers of aluminum plastic plate recognized our quality very much. Our price was significantly superior to that of other manufacturers, and our product models and colors were more diverse, which could meet the needs of different customers. Some customers even want us to do the contract pay the intention on the same day. As our brand is well-known all over the world, some customers from neighboring countries specially came to Tashkent from Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to visit our company's booth. We believe that our products will be more popular in Central Asian countries in the future.

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Through this exhibition, we learned that our products are very popular and well-known in Uzbekistan and even the whole Central Asia, and our brand ALUDONG has become synonymous with high quality and low price in the aluminum plastic panel market. We will increase technology research and development efforts to reduce costs, improve the quality inspection system to ensure quality, optimize and improve service awareness, and strive to become the world's most competitive aluminum plastic panel and aluminum coil manufacturers!

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Post time: Mar-24-2023